One of our blogs, K is for Kindness inspired the Kindness Project. Having experienced the effect of others kindness and seeing the effect of my kindness towards others, I thought we would start our own kindness program. The purpose of The Kindness Project is to promote kindness in our community and in the world.

We all have the power to make a difference in the life of another human being.  It does not take much; sometimes it is simple as a smile, a hello, or some other random act of kindness. It does not even mean that you have to be there to experience the effect of your act on their life. For example, I read a story once about a driver who began a daylong chain of acts of kindness. It began with him paying for his bridge toll and the toll for the car behind him. He gave the toll collector the money for both tolls and a card explaining the act of kindness. The next driver was surprised when hearing of this and so he paid for the car behind him and so forth and so on. One random act of kindness generated a chain of events

Your acts of kindness can be with other people, animals, or the planet. The purpose is to be kind and promote kindness in this world.

The Kindness Project is simple and you can participate in a number of ways.

Print some of The Kindness Project cards by clicking here.

Give a card when you help someone or do something nice without any self-interest. The card will explain your desire to promote kindness.


Give cards when you purchase (coffee, burgers, tolls, etc.,) and some extra $. Then tell the person who sells you to pay for the next person and give them a card. This usually causes a surprise and you don't have to be present when others experience your act of kindness. The card will explain your desire to promote kindness. This way of promoting kindness is usually great because the person who takes the money gets very surprised and the people who receive it are very surprised as well.

It is our hope that the person receiving the card will come to The Kindness Project and print cards to give out to others. If you need some ideas for acts of kindness click here. If you would like to share your kindness story or read kindness stories click here.

Together we can make a difference in our communities!