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If our offerings, inspirational thoughts, or reflections have spoken to your spirit, we ask that you consider making a donation to support our work. You can do that by becoming a micro-patron, support our website, or planting a seed. All donations may be made via paypal to or mail them to:

c/o Rev Dr Sharon Jacobson
25 Bernie Lane
Rochester, NY 14624

Become a Micro-Patron

Micro-patronage is a way to support Inspiritual through a micro (small) donation.  While we have been doing all we can this past year to provide numerous opportunities for spiritual evolution and transformation, at times a lack of money has inhibited us from taking action to expand this ministry.  For the last year, I have been intentional about doing what I can each day to provide a space where all have access to tools, resources, and opportunities to spiritually evolve by providing a daily Inspiritual word, weekly Inspiritual reflections, offering onsite and online spiritual evolution and transformation groups for individuals and organizations. A list of our micro-patrons for the year will be maintained on our website, unless you request otherwise. We will be sharing updates with you through blog posts and social media, allowing our micro-patrons to stay connected to the work we are doing.

Help us Grow!

Our Micro Patrons

  • Liesl Gaesser

  • Chet Fery

  • Tina Chandler

  • Ralph Carter

  • Amy Simone Perry

Plant a Seed!

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We have tried to offer our services for little or no cost. However, we need to raise funds so we can fund the following projects this coming year.

  • Scholarship Fund ($40 per month) - love offerings for those who cannot afford our offerings/partnership work

  • Gift Certificates to Home Depot or The Garden Factory for Prayer & Meditation Garden

  • Gift Certificate to Wegman's for Coffee/Tea/Paper Products

  • Cairn for center (approximately 2 ft in diameter)

  • Tibetan prayer flags which will hang from one of the existent trees

  • Small outdoor sculptures of animals to be tucked in and throughout the grasses

  • Concrete path into Garden

  • Landscape fabric -- $95.79

  • Advertise in local community newspaper ($130 every six weeks)

  • Advertise in City newspaper's Mind Body Spirit section ($120 per week)

  • Professional printing of brochures/rack cards ($250.00)

  • Trademark our name ($325.00)

You can plant a seed in these new ministries by making a monthly donation of as little as $5 a month.

Donation Options
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