It is all about the journey!

A woman I knew back in the early 90’s once said to me, “it takes a long time to grow an old friend.” Those who have journeyed with you for a while have this ability to be able to reflect back to you that which you cannot see for yourself. The other day, for example, I was talking with my spiritual sister, Rev Angel Sullivan, who reflected back to me about how much she has seen me evolve spiritually in the last year. 

Spiritual evolution is not always easy. One reason it is difficult is that we have to let go of that which keeps us from evolving into our spiritual greatness. Another thing that can make it hard is that once we choose to step off the path of least resistance and live contrary to the status quo, others will let you know and try to persuade you to conform to the ways of the world. Walking in your truth can be challenging because people may not like you, speak negatively about you; even threaten you. We can see this in the lives of Spiritual Leaders such as the Toltec teacher Quetzalcoatl or Jesus the Christ. Despite these pressures, it is important that we not conform to the ways of this world. Rather, we should continue to be transformed in this world through the renewing of our minds. Spiritual evolution is about taking your consciousness to that next level and remembering that it is all about the journey.

Far too many people in this world view themselves as victims of life. They keep waiting for X to happen, for change to happen in the external so they can be fulfilled. It reminds me of a song Meg Christian sang in the 1970’s called Look Within. If you have never heard it, you can listen to it at . If we wait for the external to change, we are doing nothing more then delaying our own spiritual evolution. 

Spiritual evolution requires us to move beyond the victim mentality that is about what is happening to us and begin working on the evolution within us.  It means that we have to look within. As we evolve spiritually, we release those things that restrain us from evolving. We recognize that we already have everything we need in us to let us evolve to the fullest of our spiritual potential. 

As we continue to evolve spiritually, we reach a level where we are evolving spiritually, but also becoming a vessel through which spirit can work to touch others and facilitate their spiritual evolution. There may be times in our spiritual evolution where we feel as if we are journeying alone. However, there will also be moments when the universe will bring you together with others who are vessels through which spirit is working and you will begin flying together. 

As you reach those higher moments of evolution, you will find that spirit is no longer working through you, but is you. You will find yourself knowing, seeing, and hearing things that you cannot attribute to any other source other then spirit.

Attaining these higher levels of spiritual awareness and consciousness is not easy. However, the journey begins with a shift in ourselves from waiting for the external to change in order for us to evolve to beginning our own transformation process regardless of what is happening externally. It is all about the journey!