Activate your DNA

Are you ready to activate your DNA? When I ask about activating your DNA, I am not asking about your genetic DNA, but your spiritual DNA. We are far more then our genetic coding. Our genetic coding also contains spiritual coding from the Divine buried within us, like a treasure in a clay jar. It has always been there waiting for us to choose to connect with it, cultivate it, activate it, and express it in our lives. While our genetic DNA makes us candidates for all kinds of traits in our lives, our spiritual DNA makes a perfect candidate for enlightenment and transformation. Those qualities and traits will lay dormant in us until we choose to activate them. We are the ones who have to choose to engage in a spiritual journey. Until we do, our spiritual DNA lies dormant. 

Spiritual DNA is the spiritual coding imprinted in our being at conception. It is the beliefs we carry with us since conception. It is our gifts and the way they unfold in our lives. Activating our Spiritual DNA begins with the exploration of the four W’s – who, what, why, and where. Who am I? What is important to me? Why am I here? and Where do I want to go with the rest of my life?

WHO -- The first question is Who are you? What is your name? What does it mean? What does it say about who you are? Does it capture the essence of who you are? For my friends who are transitioning from female to male or male to female, they give thought into the selection of their new names. They want a new identity they are creating to be a statement about who they are. They pick their names for specific reasons. Our name is just one building block in our sense of self and our connection to our Higher Power. Who are you?

WHAT -- What is important to you? What are your core values? On what do you base your life decisions great and small? Core values are things like acceptance, honesty, integrity, assertiveness, dependability, creativity, family, financial security, generosity, compassion, etc. What are the values, which most influence the decisions you make in life? What values bring profound meaning to your life? Once we identify our core values in life, then we are able to live with a greater sense of ease and grace. When we are not in-sync with our core values, we tend to waste valuable time and energy trying to determine what it is we should be doing in our lives. What is the right thing?

WHY -- Many of us struggle with the question of “Why am I here?” What is my purpose in life? It would be nice if we came into this world with a tag on our wrist, which said, “Your purpose in life is ________.” However, that would deny us the opportunity to be a part of the journey of growth and exploration. Part of the process of understanding and claiming our gifts is the process of discovering what they are. When I was going through the process of discovering my purpose in life, I found myself thinking about a whole series of questions such as: “What am I really good at?” “What do I really enjoy?” “What are my greatest strengths?” What do others see as my strengths?” “When I look at my life, what activities do I consider of greatest worth?”

The challenge I was given was to get it down to one sentence. Over time, I got it down to one word – LOVE. It was actually an acronym

Living and learning about humanity

Oneness with the Infinite

Versatility and virtue in an ever changing world

Eternal search for enlightenment

WHERE -- The last question to reflect on is “where do you want to go?” What is your vision for your life three, five, ten years from now? Your vision is a positive picture of your desired future. It needs to be realistic, believable, attractive, and achievable. It is a dream in action, a launching pad for the future. “Vision requires stretching reality beyond the present by looking and thinking ahead. It does not fixate on the present; nor does it attempt to replay the past. Not every vision culminates in success, but without vision, no success is possible. Visions encourage you to grow, develop, and create.” (Soultypes, p. 34)

Our core values are a precise definition of what we stand for. Our purpose statement defines our unique reason for being; what we are called to do. Our vision is our ideal image of the future. The answers to all this are buried within you. The question is whether you are ready to activate your spiritual DNA.