What are you filling up with?

The other night I was watching a commercial with all these people filling their gas tanks. It made me think about how what we put in our car, and the ability to keep the tank full of the right kind of gasoline, will determine how smoothly, if at all, our cars run. If there is no gas in the tank, one is not going anywhere and then winds up reaching out for help.

In some respects, this is like our lives. We are what flows through us. It is important to think about what we have filled our spiritual tanks with each day. Did we pull up to the tank of negative and degrading thoughts that send feelings of lack, limitation, worry and doubt flowing through us and contributing to the negative smog in the universe. If we could see the negativity in the air, we might talk about it as a form of spiritual pollution.

When you fill your spiritual tank up with happiness and abundance and let them flow through you, you will experience yourself in a completely different way. Not only will you feel the difference, but you are also contributing the environmental reduction of spiritual pollution in the universe. You might experience a renewed sense of energy because you are no longer bound to the spiritual pollutants.

When we choose to fill our lives with joy, we are not only affecting our spiritual well being, but our mental and physical well-beings as well. While like our cars we all need regular maintenance, by focusing on keeping the joy flowing through our lives, we reduce the need for major and sometimes costly repairs to our lives. So as you prepare to begin this day, fill up with joy, and let the glow flow out of you into the universe.