It's my story!

I just had this awesome conversation with my brother and it reminded me of how we each have the opportunity to co-create with the Infinite and with life. How I talk about my life, how I tell the story of my life is about me and it is a work of art. Nobody can tell the story of my life as I can. Your story about my life is your story and your work of art. I can observe it, but I do not participate in it. It is your story. How I tell my story, how I create my story is about me. I am the one who decides how to paint the picture. I am the one who decides how to explain what I perceive to be real. I am the one who decides how I am going to justify what I do or do not. It is my life and my story. 

My brother has been telling this story for a while about how dark and depressing his life is. Today, he made the decision to make some major revisions to his story and write a different version and ending. He is writing about how he is going to take classes online, go back to school, and get his bachelors’ degree at 52. He is writing about how he is going to take himself out on dates and fall in love with himself again, so that he feels more datable and attractive to other women.

I decided that while I like significant parts of my story, I always want to tweak a thing or two as I change my beliefs and agreements. For example, I have been saying for a while that I wanted to improve my dental health. However, I have been procrastinating on that. So today, I am committing to being more active about doing that. If I am not doing what I say I want to do, then I am not doing my best and I am worthy of always doing my best in all things.

It is hard to explain to someone why you feel the way you feel, why you perceive things as you do and the reality is that we can’t. What is real for us is real for us and we cannot and do not need to explain it to anyone else if we do not want to.

At some point in every semester, I ask my students how do you know what you know. We have been domesticated to know things because others tell us what to know. So what we know is what others want us to know. But what do we know about ourselves. What we tell ourselves about what we know is what we know. So when we speak negative thoughts or feelings about others or ourselves then that is what we know and agree to. Conversely, when we speak positive things about ourselves or others, that too is what we know and agree to. 

So as I continue to work on my piece of art, I am going to be mindful to only paint that which is of love for self and others. Words, actions, or anything that would take away from the love in my masterpiece I am writing have no room and need to be edited out. 

They say a good editor is worth their weight in gold. Well we each have the ability and the talents to be the best editors of our own life story. We have already been given everything we need to write our story in a way it would be on the bestseller list if it were a book. 

The theme of my book is love. The main and only character is me. My goal to be the best me I can be at all times. Let the editing continue.