The Perfect Time to Play

The other day, during our angel card reading practice night, a friend told me that I needed to stop and smell the flowers. I know I have been working very hard lately and trying to work my way through the pile of things before me. It has felt like there was one deadline after another and I was sitting here thinking I need to just stop and play for a while today. My friend Kerry asked me when I crocheted last and to be honest, I could not remember. How sad. I have books I could read, but by the time I stop, I am too tired to read. So I knew that I needed to claim the time this weekend to play. I had told myself I just wanted to do two more things for sure today: take time to journal (which I am doing now) and finish my piece on forgiveness for the newsletter, as it is the last thing I have to give Zoe for the newsletter which she will be finishing tomorrow.

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