Week 7, Day 5 – Spirituality

I found myself laughing uncontrollably for some reason when I read assignment 3. As I sat there and watched my cats first stare me down trying to figure out who was going to win the battle for the next serving of Friskie’s treats. And of course, yes they won. They always do. Once they had received their blessings, they ate them, although I am not sure that they said a prayer of thanksgiving or not. Ate them, and then began the ritual of stretching and cleaning and licking themselves in a diversity of position. Then they stretched out in their respective spaces, got into what I am assuming was a comfortable position in their favorite sleeping areas in our office and settled in for a good nights nap. That is until they wake up at 2 am and do the cat races up and down the hallway. I am sure there is a spiritual lesson to be learned in there, but I am not sure that at present I have the eyes to see it.
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