I is for Infusion Water Bottle



It has been a crazy week with grades from the Fall Semester due this week and personally I was screaming for vegan ice cream. However, when I could finally sit down to write I found that I was less interested in writing about any of our ice cream products or even our Indoor Outdoor Portable Grill. Rather my friends and I kept talking about our Infusion Water Bottle. So I is for Infusion Water Bottle

One of the things that I love about this bottle is that regardless of whether you are a person who likes to sip what they are drinking (like my wife) or chug (like me), this bottle works for everyone. The strainer, which comes with the bottle, allows you to position what you are infusing in ways that do not interfere with your drinking, whether you are a sipper or a chugger. If you are a sipper, the fruit or herbs you are infusing go below the strainer. If you are a chugger, then that which you are infusing goes above the strainer.  The idea is that regardless of how you choose to drink your beverages, this water bottle works for you.

The bottle reminds me of love. We all need it, like water, but different things make us feel loved. Some of us feel loved by what people say to us, others by the time they take to spend time with us, others by things people do, like those random acts of kindness. Some of us are both sippers and chuggers when it comes to what makes us feel loved. When we remember to be flexible and to create situations where we can all get something essential to life, like water and love, then the world would be a much happier, hydrated, and more peaceful place. The bottle is nothing more than a bottle, but it is presented in a way that makes it useful and helpful to all.  It helps us each receive something essential to our well being – water.

It does more than that, however, it allows us to infuse flavors and healing properties into that which we are taking in. That is what infusion means; it is the ability to soak fruit, herbs, etc in liquid (in this case water) to make it something more than what it was. 

While I am sure most of the people I know who have this bottle have a feature they love most about it, like the size, that it first in most car’s cup holders, or is bpa free, what I love most is that it reminds me I am an infuser in the world.

The love and healing properties I infuse into my environment have the ability to help heal others and change the vibrational frequency of our world. Just as what I put in my bottle changes the flavor of what I drink. I have the ability to infuse love, light, and positive energy into the water of this world.

Whether you are thinking about getting one of our Infusion Water Bottles because of your personal life style and preferences or because you like the reminder to be an infuser of happiness and joy in the world, you can learn more about it at http://pamperedchef.biz/sharonjacobson