E is for Enthusiasm

Sue Grafton, a mystery writer, titles each of her books with a letter such as H is for homicide. If I were writing a series of books on spiritual qualities, I would have to say that E is for enthusiasm. What got me thinking about enthusiasm this morning was that today, August 15, 2012, would have been the 100th birthday of Julia Child. Whether it was watching the portrayal of her in Julie and Julia or watching reruns of when she was cooking on television, the word I have always found best describes her is enthusiasm. She seemed to have such an enthusiasm for life, for food, and for cooking. There is something about enthusiastic people, which seems to light up the lives of others and themselves. They have a certain kind of spiritual energy that enables them to give all they've got to the tasks at hand, holding nothing back. Enthusiasm, however, is rarely thought of as a spiritual practice, yet it is all about spirituality.
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