It’s Your Birthday!

No, I did not get that wrong and no, I did not get it twisted. Today is each of our birthdays, as is tomorrow, as is the day after that and the day after that. Every day is a new day and a fresh birth into our lives.

None of is exactly the same person biologically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually then we were they day before. As Alice Walker once wrote, “It’s never the same river twice.” Our lives are this constant state of evolution and change. Caterpillars spin cocoons, go through a transformation process, and then emerge as butterflies. We go through a similar process every time we meditate or pray. When we are in touch with the Creator, with the Infinite, with our Higher Power, however, we call upon that source; we loosen our grip on our human understanding of who we are and all that separates us from the Infinite. We go through a spiritual metamorphosis, which allows us to join in unity with the Whole and become vehicles of love. As we flutter our wings and fly, we share with others the beauty of peace, compassion, wisdom, harmony, and oneness. These are the amazing colors and patterns of our spiritual wings.

Today is your birthday, so what gift are you going to give yourself? Are you going to give yourself the gift of forgiveness and stop carrying around the weight of your past? Are you going to give yourself the gift of love and remind yourself that the Creator loves you just as you are?

Perhaps you are going to give yourself a non-present on this birthday. Like today, I am not going to give myself any negative comments about others or myself. Or today I am not going to take things personally. Or today I am not going to make any assumptions.

So how are you going to celebrate this birthday? We can worry about tomorrow’s birthday tomorrow. But how are you going to celebrate today’s birthday? Me, I am going to give myself the gift of self-care time and the remembrance that I am worthy of time for me.  For now, I am off to my birthday party. Hope you are off to enjoy yours as well. By the way, Happy Birthday this day and every day.