Writing Your Own Prescription

The other day I was at the grocery store and this older woman, well older then me, offered to help me reach a package and then proceeded to tell me how awful my life must be and how seeing people like me made her feel so much better about her life. I was not quite sure how to respond, so I thanked her for her assistance and told her that I prayed God would continue to fill her day with opportunities to feel better about her life. 

Her comment to me got me questioning how we describe our lives. Do you describe your life by talking about how hard it is, or as I heard one person say once, “life sucks and then you die.” Or are you more on the attitude of life is good. When I thought about how I would describe my life, what came to me was “Each day is a blessing. I wake up and then have a series of amazing moments to grow and evolve.”  So how do you describe your life?

See it is all about attitude. If you think, “life sucks, and then you die,” then you are writing a prescription for your life that is about ensuring that your life will suck and continue to do so until you die. If you know each day is a blessing, then that is the prescription you are writing for the rest of your life. Taking this daily prescription will ensure that you maintain an attitude of gratitude. It will enable you to stay joyful and centered even when challenging times face your life.

So what prescriptions are you writing for yourself? Are you taking a daily dose of love, peace, compassion, and tranquility? Or are you popping anger, fear, resentment, and jealousy? As you describe yourself and your life, this is what you are prescribing for your life and for your day. So what kind of day do you want to have? Do you want to have a horrible day, then imagine it and you will prescribe it for yourself. Do you want to have an awesome day that allows you to be immune to others negativity; then prescribe that for yourself.

You can have whatever kind of day you choose to have. So this year, my commitment to myself is to keep myself on a daily prescription of positive energy, love, and light. I have prescribed a diet of blessings, awareness, pleasure, growth, and evolution. These are my prescriptions. What are yours?