"God Is A DJ"

Over the course of my life, I have heard God referred to in a number of ways, but until this past Saturday night I had never stopped to think about God as a DJ.  While I had thought quite a bit about God, I had given little thought to DJ’s. What little I know about DJ’s I can summarize in a few sentences.  I know they select and play music for a diversity of audiences and in a diversity of settings. Ok, so maybe I could tell you what I know about DJ’s in one sentence. It was not until I heard Pink’s song, God is a DJ, that I began to think about whether or not I could envision God as my personal DJ.

I have to admit I had this moment when I envisioned this huge radiating heart with arms up in a booth with shades on introducing music. I wondered if anybody else had ever envisioned God as a DJ and was amazed at how many images there were of Jesus, Buddha, God, and other spiritual images as DJ’s. None quite looked like mine, but there was something comforting in knowing that others had similar images as I was having.

Then I began to think about this on a more serious level. There have been very few times in my life when I have had to use a DJ, however, the few times I have it dawned on me that they compiled tunes that were tailored to me and or the event. They arranged the tunes to take me on a musical adventure.

While there were things about the verses to her song, which stuck with me, it was the Chorus I found myself sitting with for the most part the past few days. 

If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
Love is the rhythm
You are the music
If God is a DJ
Life is a dance floor
You get what you're given
It's all how you use it

What does it mean to think about God as our personal DJ? Is our purpose in life then to master the rhythm of love so we can perform it, play it, dance to it, and share it with the world in our own unique way, as we are the music? Whether we are drumming it out on a djombe, strumming it on a guitar, singing it in a voice that only God would consider a joyful noise, all we do has the capacity to be a new piece of music with an underlying Rhythm of love which God can play for others in the perfect settings and situations.

If God is our personal DJ, then God also knows what tunes we need to hear, what rhythms of love we need to hear and when. God would know when we need something with a very soulful rhythm, an upbeat rhythm, an I just want to dance my tail feathers off kind of rhythm, or one of those meditational,  make me want to fall asleep kind of rhythms.

What I have come to know is this, when I am listening to the songs God is spinning for me to listen to, I do have a greater connection with what some might call the third eye. I can see and experience life with a clarity and understanding that I cannot when I am not listening with my heart and soul. when I am listening to the rhythms I am listening to on my personal dance floor, there is a sense of peace, “a new reason to smile,” and a feeling as if I have been dancing my way up this mountain to a place where all I can do is surrender and experience the fullness of my own voice and my own music in perfect harmony, with an ever present rhythm of love.

Is God your DJ? Are you hearing the rhythm? Are you creating your own music?  This is the time for each of us to create our own music to the rhythm of love. You may be surprised when and where God will be playing your music on someone else’s dance floor.