The black, white, and greys of life.

It seems as if so many people are searching for the truth. As if there is A truth to any question. As I remember reading somewhere once, when we stop looking the minute we find a right answer, then we miss all the other right answers. Sometimes it feels as if we are on this question to prove what we know or how we do something is the right way and the way that will lead to eternal truth. That leads me to a question, which I know I will not be able to answer here and that is what truth is.

What I do know is this; there is life and there is death. These are absolute truths. When life begins or what happens during and after death is open for discussion. However, the absolute truth is that we have life and we have death. I remember my father telling me there were three things one could count on: life, death, and taxes. While the latter is true for most of us, it is not true for everyone. So we come back to these basic two things, which appear to be true for everyone.

Everything, which happens between those two moments, varies from person to person. Nothing can happen unless there is a force, which moves it to happen. The life we have been blessed with is the force, which shapes our existence. Don Miguel Ruiz Sr reminded me of some basic lessons I learned in high school (a very long time ago) about matter and how it cannot be moved unless there is some force to move it. The energy, which moves matter in our lives, is just that energy. It cannot be destroyed, although it can be transformed. Our bodies are just matter. They cannot move on their own. They move because the life force within us tells that various part of our body through nerves and muscles to move.

What keeps us moving and evolving as human beings is the same life energy. We can use this power to transform our lives in whatever direction we choose. If we do not like the direction our life is taking, we have the life energy within us to change the course of it. I remember a conversation I had with someone who was caring for someone who had developed a terminal illness. They talked about how this was not what they had planned for their life and did not see how they could change the course of it. They had no control over this other person’s illness. Ultimately, what they came to was a change in agreement. They chose to agree that they could do this and it would be a blessing for themselves and the other person, rather then a burden and a curse. The direction or re-direction of the life energy assisted them and can us in transforming the flow of energy in our lives.

The story we create for ourselves is up to us. We are the ones who control the flow of energy in our lives. We can use that energy in ways, which are positive or negative. We can use that energy to emote love or hate. What we do during our life course is filled with greys to be transformed. The black and white of life is that we are brought into life and then we die. The greys are everything in between.