Testify to Love

I had been sitting here all week thinking about what to write about love and then my friend Eileen Hooper McConville posted something on Facebook that took me back to a song about love that has lived in my heart for about 14 years. I remember the first day I heard this song. I was sitting at home curled up in front of my television, well actually a friends, watching an episode of Touched by an Angel. It was an episode where a young boy Petey was working through his bucket list so that he could die in peace. The last thing on his list was a wish that his mother finish a song she had started when he was born. In the episode, she called it Psalm 151. Avalon, who recorded it, called it Testify to Love.

Here are the lyrics and the video to the song

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The black, white, and greys of life.

It seems as if so many people are searching for the truth. As if there is A truth to any question. As I remember reading somewhere once, when we stop looking the minute we find a right answer, then we miss all the other right answers. Sometimes it feels as if we are on this question to prove what we know or how we do something is the right way and the way that will lead to eternal truth. That leads me to a question, which I know I will not be able to answer here and that is what truth is.
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