Trust and Faith

After having spent a month reading about, reflecting on, and thinking about faith, I realized how natural it was to transition to trust. Trust is the belief in that in which we have faith. It is the ability to believe in what we know in the core of our beings to be true. We have faith in that which we trust. Simultaneously, we trust that which we have faith in, that which we know to be true at the core of our being.

Some people struggle to trust things that raise their consciousness and/or vibrational level. We sometimes wonder what we are sensing is really happening, or are we simply making this up because it feels good. So how do we trust that which can help us to grow and evolve in our connection to the Ultimate.

One thing we can do is to remember each moment is “pay attention time.” When we don’t, the possibility exists for us to dismiss what just happened, not even see it, and so it simply drifts away. If we pay attention to all the dimensions of the occurrence, then we begin to see how interconnected life is and how each moment provides an opportunity to deepen our faith and our trust in the Divine. Each of these moments provides the opportunity to see the lessons in each piece of the puzzle and a greater understanding of the whole puzzle of life.

When we begin to see how we, and all that we know, are pieces of the puzzle, it assists us in giving value to appreciating the significance of our experience. At times, this means we have change the way we think about and view ourselves. We may have to move from seeing ourselves as isolated pieces of this puzzle bounded by limited thoughts, feelings, and experiences to one who sees themselves as part of the flow of life, the center of an unfolding, expanding awareness, and a piece of the bigger puzzle.

When we move from seeing ourselves as a single piece in the puzzle to part of the bigger puzzle, then we begin to expand our consciousness and become more trusting of our experiences and feelings. The challenge is in looking at our intention and attitude about these experiences. Is our intent to stay in the status quo or is our intent to break free of conflict and confusion and trust that this experience will help you progress and have greater clarification and a deeper faith.