Week 8, Day 7 – Rewarding Yourself, The Choice

So today was to be field trip day and we were to go out and look at fences.  We were supposed to notice how they were made and the purposes they serve.  are they about holding something in or keeping something out. how do fences give us peace of mind. Finally, have there been different kinds of fences in our lives at different times.

I would so love to do this, but when the weather is in the single digits and the snow cannot seem to stop falling, my ideal field trip is not to go strolling looking for and at fences.  Not even sure that with all the snow we have right now, I could even see someone’s fence. In fact, in my neighborhood, there is not a single house with a fence.  There is one family that installed an invisible fence for their dogs, but other then that no fences. Hmm, so this fence, the invisible one is about keeping their dogs out of the street, so it would be about keeping something in.

Ironically, I think most of us have invisible fences. Although I do know a few people have put up fences around their lives that are large and quite visible and covered with no trespassing signs.

I think my fence is primarily invisible.  It is more to keep things in then to keep something out. hmm, but then again there are some things I do not let in.  I avoid drama, trauma, negativity, and any thing else that is going to negatively impact the peaceful feeling we strive to create in our home and have worked to establish in our lives. so I guess for me it is both now that I think about it. and my fence would too probably be invisible, just like my neighbors.  It keeps my anger, fear, and any other negative feelings or emotions that might get triggered to stay in my yard and not go leaping on to unexpected strangers.