The Dream of the Planet: Yours, Mine, and Ours

One of the basic concepts in Toltec Wisdom is “the dream of the planet.” In The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom, it is defined as “The combined energetic structure of beliefs, rules, and concepts that all the humans on our planet simultaneously dream and project onto our constrained reality.” looking at this definition, it can seem so overwhelming and difficult to understand. However, as I have come to understand it is that it occurs anytime two beings choose to connect with each other. When we connect, we have an exchange of energies and understandings, which flow between us. What stays in our relationship is that which we agree to or say yes to. What does not continue to be present in our relationship is that which we say no to. If we are still thinking about whether or not to keep it as part of our dream, it stays a maybe, but we have not yet decided to make it a part of the dream of our planet.

The planet itself is not necessarily the planet as a whole, but any two combined energetic structures. So the dream of the planet can be as small as two people or it can be as large as the universe. Its size is relative to how many sources of energy (people) are a part of this dream. With just two people, it can be relatively small. However, if we are speaking about all the people on planet earth, the dream can be quite expansive. Regardless of the size, however, the same basic rules apply. What stays in our dream is that which we agree to and what we have said no to is not a part of our dream.

Within the dream itself, regardless of the size, I am only responsible for my contribution to the dream. In my relationship with Zoe, for example, I am only responsible for my 50% and she is responsible for hers. In a group of four people, I am responsible for my 25%.

What keeps the dream alive is that those who are a part of the dream are ever changing. If I change one of my agreements, then it can have an impact on the dream of the planet between me and the other person/people. so for example, if I change what I believe about our need for XX, then XX will not become part of the dream of the planet, because we did not both say yes. It might still be part of the other person’s dream, but not part of our conjoined reality. The dream of the planet is ever changing because we as human beings are ever changing.

Everything that is in my dream is there because I agree for it to be there. If I do not want it there, I can agree it is no longer part of my dream and cannot be part of my dream with any other person or group of people. Like a flock of birds, sometimes I will agree to fly with the flock and sometimes I won’t. If others choose to follow me, they will and if they choose to remain with the other flock thy will. At some point, we may agree to become part of each other’s dream again and that is ok. What is important is that nothing be a part of my dream to which I have not agreed.