Week 4, Day 7 – Rewarding Yourself, the Spirit Grows

So today was field trip day and I could actually do this. I went to the local nurseryJ. The goal was to pay attention to your sensory reaction as you walked up and down the aisles. Intuitively, what do you know about flowers? What does your spirit say about plants that must be planted annually or those that come back every year? How do you respond to the tiny seedlings compared to the larger plants? What does your reaction to seedlings tell you about how you trust?

I might have to email Janelle and tell her that her book is California biased. On a cold January day, I was literally one of only 2 customers in the nursery. The other was my partner who went with me. Not many people go to the nursery on a cold winter day and there was very little to interact with. Never the less it was a powerful experience. There were no seedlings, but I did find myself amazed at the diversity of seeds that were available and the seed trays and starter kits. Not being much of a physical gardener, I never gave much thought to this. I do remember my father preparing the land to plant the vegetables – corn, tomatoes, cucumbers; I think that was it. I also remember strawberries and raspberries. Not much else I don’t’ think. Wait I think there were scallions. My mother had bulbs in the front yard, which she cared for. Day lilies I think is what they were called – these bright orange things. I am so not a know the name gurl. I do know tulips because I loved the name and they lined the front path to the door. And there were rose of Sharon bushes in the backyard along the fence. And petunias hung in basket from the front porch. We had fun looking at the seeds and we found ourselves trying to find seeds to plant catnip – that would save us some money and keep the cats on their kitty highJ.

The most relaxing place however was the green house. It was so warm and the music they were playing just made you want to sit and meditate, so it was a good thing I was in my wheelchair. I just wanted to sit amidst the plants and breathe. It was funny because I have never had such an intense spiritual reaction to the plants before. There were a few that kept calling out to me. There was this one little air plant. I had to bring it home with me. It requires no dirt and no pot, just air and a misting daily. I have been holding it, talking to it, and stroking its leaves ever since I got home. There is something about the way the leaves just reach out in so many different directions and it is so grounded, yet not in a traditional way. It is not grounded in water or in soul, but it is as if it is growing in spirit. It is small and tender and yet strong all at the same time. For some reason, that I do not yet understand, I find myself continuously looking at it, holding it, and hearing it speak to me every now and then. It is as if it knows me. 

The other plant I had to bring home with me was this beautiful plant with these simple green leaves and these tiny white flowers that seemed to be opening and revealing these hidden treasures inside. Every time I would pick it up and hold it, I found myself entering this meditational state and experiencing this sense of peace. Yet unlike all the other plants, this one had no nametag on it. I had to laugh when the sales associate told me it was a peace plant. Of course, it is I thought. So, now it is home with us as well and filling our home with peaceJ. There were several others that spoke to me. One was this braided bamboo plant. It was amazing and unlike anything I had seen before. I have always had this attraction towards bamboo plants. They had simple, single stalks and lucky bamboos, which looked, like a circle of them. But then there was this ponytail palm. It is a bonsai version of this larger tree and it has these leaves that just say come pet me, and it reminds me of the air plant. That same kind of call to connect with something that is reaching out and saying connect with me. Come know me. Come love me. And there were so many others, and if my budget had allowed, I probably would have brought home several more green family membersJ. The revolution plants were amazing as the leaves grew in spirals towards the sky and the pitcher plants reminded me of women carrying pitchers to retrieve water for their families. The larger ones left me thinking about everything they have been through and their strength and the way they have persevered and all those who have cared for them and supported them in their journey. The ones with unique shapes and colors also caught my attention and I found myself responding to their offerings of color. The zebra plants with their yellow flowers made me smile. The peace plants and the white orchids and the calla lilies gave me a sense of peace. The cacti with their red tops and a few others with their red blooms gave me a feeling of excitement. Yet I kept finding myself drawn to the smaller of the plants. There was something about holding them, and loving them and knowing that I had a chance to support them in their growth and development just as others had supported the larger ones. So it was the little ones who came home with me today and with whom I will journey over the next years as we grow and evolve together.