Week 7, Day 3 – Work and Creativity

1.                  Write about how you have used creative thinking in your work. How could you be creative in your present situation? What would you continue? Add? Change? Use streaming and then listmaking?

2.                  Make a line that stands for your life and make a dot for every year interval. What moment on this lifeline stand out in sharpest detail in your memory. Note times of joy, sorrow, change including jobs, moves, friendships. What helped you preserve a constancy in your life? How can you bring that to your work situation in a creative way?

3.                  Now using the same lifeline put a dot next to those times when you made important decisions. What was it you chose to do? What would happen if you chose another way? This may show constant values, consistent threads, and help you see what direction you want to go in?

4.                  On index cards, write a telegram to ten people you know and tell them what to do about their job. For example, find a focus and stick to it. Speak up for what you want. Try to give the most helpful advice you can. Now see how this could relate to your situation and write about it.

Hmm. me be creative in the work place. Lol. You know I really didn’t think I was all that creative until recently when I realized that my just being me is pretty creative. For example, my whole approach to teaching has developed in response to the complaints of my students. It was not grounded in any theories of adult education or learning. It was all about me responding to my “customers” and their complaints. I just saw it as doing good “customer service.” so I started by giving people choices about when to turn assignments in, then it was how much an assignment wa worthy, then it became pick what you want to do, how much it is worth and when you want to turn it in. now, I get the opposite complaint that I give too many choices. So maybe next semester, I will add the option of your standardized homework package. One that I design with fixed dates, percentages, etc. and I love that. I love the creativity and the free flowing nature of my courses and how they are never the same course twice. So I think I want to keep doing what I am doing.  With the exception of giving people the choice to opt out of making choices. Hmm, but even that is a choice.

And I think I have been really creative in terms of getting inspiritual started. I guess that is the thing I have decided is that I am more about doing things that I feel passionate about and are about my sharing my love, wisdom, and talents and not so focused on whether or not I make a name for myself and am considered a leader in my field.

For me the biggest and most rewarding aspect of my work is that I love what I do and am energized by what I do. There is not a day I do not feel fulfilled by what I do. That was not always the case. I have come to realize that I do not deal well with hierarchies and organizationally imposed structure. I am more about collaboration and cooperation. I love when things just happen, like today when a friend suggested that I collaborate with a new dance studio in town.  I was like go spirit do your thing because I have been wanting to move and use my body and reclaim it and I know that we express ourselves through out bodies and the way we move and yet I have had to be pressing myself through the fears of moving my body, the pain of moving my body, etc.

And so in some respects what I love most is just allowing the universe to bring everything together for me. I keep finding that if and when I am open to things, they happen. I have come to expect the unexpected, yet at the same time, I expect nothing. Not sure, that makes sense. Ah, but it does to me.

Maybe that is why I love writing so much. I had forgotten for a while how much I love writing, but I do. It is a place that I give voice to my ideas, my thoughts, etc and not really worry about what others think or feel. It is me creating me. It is me expressing me in my prose and my poetry.

At the same time, I use my gifts of writing to help keep a roof over my head. So I offer my services to those who do not have this gift or who have not yet developed this gift. And even my ability to create opportunities for me to be independent and freelance is creative.