Just a little Facebook theology

So I was checking in with my friend Angel today on FB and her status said, “People often forget that I am a Communication Major. The first rule of thumb is if you are going to tell a story get the facts straight otherwise it is considered gossip, slander and it is grounds for a law suit. You become a liability to your employer. Yep you guessed it, this post is a tease. "Is your lying tongue a liability?"  Do you use your tongue as a tool for treachery or to teach? Are you a positive source of energy or a parasite that drains life?

That word parasite caught my attention, so I asked her if she had read my blog from last night, which was about parasites.  “No, I didn’t, but I will.”

I know that Angel and I are close on a number of levels; however, it is still somewhat weird when we are both thinking and writing about the same thing at the same time.  As we talked about it, it became clear that my blog was taking her in a different direction.  Her original idea was more in line with my blog about integrity. Way too funny.

Then she asked me to get reflective on her and wrote, “If all of creation has purpose hence forth, what is the purpose of the parasite?”  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the purpose of the parasite is to keep us distracted from our authentic selves. It is in those moments when the parasite becomes active that the authentic self at some level is saying, “It’s pay attention time.” Are you listening to me? I am the voice of love, focus on me and I will guide you into a deeper and more authentic love with yourself.  Follow me and I will guide you away from the parasites that have been ingrained in your heart since birth.  If you follow the parasites that have been eating away at your sense of who you really are, then they will lead you away from a deeper relationship with yourself, spirit, and others. If the parasite is doing good in our life, it is there for us to exercise free will and have senses that are finely tuned with the spirit. The task that I feel called to do in my life at present is to identify the parasites that I have been brainwashed to believe by family, friends, and a wide diversity of institutions and ideologies and undomesticate myself to the dreams of others. It is time for me to focus on mastering the awareness of parasitic lies in my beliefs and replace them with the truths about who I am and who I was created to be.  Each day is an opportunity for me to celebrate a new understanding of who I am and who I am becoming.  Happy birthday to me, this day and every day!