Week 9, Day 6 – Rebirth

The choices for today were:

1.                  What do you believe today about birth and rebirth? Use streaming to explore how these concepts have changed, if they have, over the years. Do you believe you will change to new beliefs? What might they be?

2.                  What is sacred ground for you in terms of life, birth, and rebirth? Do the peace meditation and then write.

3.                  What memory would you take into the afterlife? Use gazing into the waters and then streaming and write down a past life you might have had. You can believe in it or write it as a story. How could this memory or story help you?

4.                  The apple is grown in orchards that, in Celtic law, were specifically protected as sacred groves on holy ground. Celtic tree-lore describes their uses both on the physical and magical level. the otherworldly land of Avalon, to which King Arthur was taken after his last battle means “the place of apples.” Write about you experience with apples and apple orchards and explore how you might use the apple as part of your spiritual writing and ritual.

I have been thinking quite a bit about this whole notion of life, birth, and rebirth.  Life for me is the entirely of my journey from birth to death. Birth is the moment I came into this world, until then and since then I was and am a work in process. For me, the time in between birth and death I am in a constant state of rebirth, whether it be conscious or unconscious. Every moment of every day there are countless cells in my being being regenerated, so physically at the end of the day I am not the same person I was when I woke up that morning and I am not the same person I was when I went to bed the night before.

The same is true in every other aspect of my self, every movement that I make in my life consciously or unconsciously which takes me to that higher place of spiritual evolution is about my being reborn.  I am never the same person twice. Every one who touches my life provides me with an opportunity to evolve and grow and so for me it is an ongoing process.  Rebirth is not just a one time occurrence it is an ongoing occurrence in my life as I am choosing and allowing myself to evolve and transform spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Do I see this point of view changing, hmm, hard to tell – I don’t think so. it has taken me quite a while to evolve to this place of thinking. will it change, anything is possible. Have I always felt this way, no, I am not sure I ever really thought about rebirth as something other then reincarnation. Now, I see it as an ongoing part of our spiritual evolution.