You are old,
you are new,
it doesn’t matter
you are special
and I appreciate you

I appreciate the lamp on my desk,
the desk I work on
the notebooks which help train me,
the roof over my head,
the floors under my feet
I appreciate you.

I can walk and sit in any room of my home
and find things to appreciate
because life is full of things to
appreciate and be grateful for.

All that surrounds me is to be
I appreciate the things
I have borrowed from friends
and the things friends have borrowed from me
I appreciate the clothes on my back
the food in my kitchen
the dishes I get to share
and the dishes shared with me
all this is to be appreciated.

When we learn to appreciate everything
we see the Divine in everything
and soon we are living
a life of gratitude and appreciation



How God Feels

The shame, the silence, the pain
God has felt this too

I was shamed for my enthusiasm
I was silenced and not given space
I have been told I was too kind
I was not given room to explain
God has felt this too.

I have been told I was not welcome
I was told I was too enthusiastic
I have been told I do not fit in
I have been told I am not relevant
God has felt this too

I have felt the pain, experienced the humiliation, felt the denial
God has felt this too.

I have felt the love, I have felt the joy, I have felt the companionship
God has felt this too.

I have been validated for my feelings
I have felt appreciated by others
I have known what it is like to be told thank you
I have felt the warmth of someone’s hand
God has felt this too

What I appreciate about my life
Is that everything I have felt
God has felt this too.


Week 1, Day 5 – Patience

If I made a list of ten people in my life who have taught me invaluable lessons they would be the following: 1. My bubby, which is Yiddish for grandmother, who taught me to silence my self and listen to the spirit within. 2. my wife, Zoe Davis, who taught me that love was and can be unconditional. 3. Miguel Don Ruiz whose writings helped me bring an end to my own suffering. 4. Osho, whose writings helped me to understand the difference between belief and faith 5. Dr. Diane Samdahl, who gave me the courage to face my demons and insecurities 6. Meg Christian, who reminded me that it is all about the journey and that “great wisdom from painful experience is an inside job!” 7. my mother, Roslyn Kamin Jacobson, who taught me that love was the greatest gift one could give 8. my son, Nicholas Maurice Chambers Jacobson Johnson, who taught me the transformative power of love and faith. 9. Jorge Rieger, who is a constant reminder to me that the larger our welcome and affirming of human diversity is, the greater our understanding of the Creator is. 10. my father, Avram Lyon Jacobson, who taught me the importance of being responsible for one’s behavior and words.
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