Oh what a beautiful morning!

I wish I could explain what is going on with me energy wise, but I am not sure that I can. All I know is that since December 13 I have woken up with bounds of energy. For the last several days, I have woken up singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning in my head. I have not heard that song for decades, but every morning I have been waking up singing this song in my head and the reality is that each day this week has been amazingly beautiful. Some might say it is because there is a shift in the energy as we move closer to the end of the Mayan calendar. Others might explain it a diversity of ways. All I know is that this is how I am waking up and the attitude that has been prevailing in my spirit. Even the other day when I heard about the mass killing at the elementary school in Connecticut, my joy was not broken. That is not to say I did not feel compassion for those who were involved in this tragic event, I did and am still holding them in prayer. However, my feelings were not an either or but a both and. I felt deep compassion for those who were suffering, but could still appreciate the “bright golden haze on the meadows.”
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