A Recipe for Self Love and Growth

It was a quiet Sunday morning. As usual, I arose, prepared the space and myself for our weekly Love and Inspiration gathering. I looked for the music I felt called to play to quiet people’s spirits and bring us into a space of reflection and sharing. I prayed about what reading to share and found myself drawn to one particular piece. It was different then what we normally read and discuss, but I knew it was what I was supposed to read. As we gathered, there was, as usual, a moment of informal chatting with each other. The conversations all seemed to center around food and recipes and as I listened to where people were at, I realized the reading I had been drawn to was perfect for what people were discussing. At the request of those gathered yesterday, I am sharing this recipe with all. I encourage you to gather the ingredients, follow the directions carefully and live this each day of your lives. It comes from a book by Iyanla Van Zant called Until Today.
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