Dear Sharon

Dear Sharon –

I just wanted to let you know how proud I was of you yesterday. You spoke your truth in love. In a space where you could have responded out of anger, you chose to respond out of love and compassion and help the other person release their guilt. I know that forgiving them was important. I also know forgiving yourself was equally important.  In doing so, you set both of you free. I know there were moments where you wanted to listen to the Inner Judge telling you how this was your fault. However, you need to remember that when you made the decision you did, it was the best decision you could have made in those circumstances. Hindsight may be 20/20 but it is not a good comparison because you are not the same person when we experience the consequences of our choices as when we make them. What mattered was that you had made the best decision you could have when you did and you handled it the best you could yesterday when you learned of the mistake. I know it was not easy to tell someone they had made what could have been a very costly mistake for you. Not telling them would not have been speaking with integrity.  Not speaking openly about it would have put a wall of bars between the two of you in future conversations.

While you had the right to be angry about the situation, what I thought you did was important.  You allowed yourself to have a commercial interruption and vent for 30 seconds.  Then you let it go, stepped away from the situation, spent time with the Creator, sought clarity, and fixed the first of the two situations.  What a blessing to have gone to bed last night knowing you had taken care of one of the 2 unexpected situations.

I know that other different circumstances the news may not have affected you emotionally as it did.  However, what is ultimately important for me to tell you is how proud I am of you for living your four agreements yesterday. You did not speak negatively about yourself or others.  you did not take things personally. You did not make any assumptions. Finally, you did your best.

And what are you doing now. listening to your voice of wisdom, truth, light and love and contributing to the shrinking and death of the Inner Judge and Victim.

Always and forever,