Week 4, Day 1 – Receiving Knowledge Through Our Emotions

Yes, I so get this one. I can definitely think of at least one time in which I felt disappointment. And to be honest, it generally had nothing to do with the other person or persons involved. It was always me. I was the one who was disappointed because I had expected someone to do something, they did not, and then I felt dissed. It was like you know what I expected you to do this because of x, y or z and you did not and then I felt disappointed because I was expecting you to do something. When I started looking at the expectations, I had placed on people and releasing them, I found myself experiencing less disappointment in my life. When I do experience it now, I find it is connected to an expectation that I did not realize I still had. So for me, the best response is to release the expectation and then I am no longer disappointed. Frustration on the other hand – yeah, I know that feeling intimately well
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