I will always love you

I am always grateful for my wife and my relationship with her. this afternoon, William posted this on facebook and it made me realize how grateful I am for the little things Zoe and I do each day that makes us feel loved. It is such a great feeling that after almost 11 years I have no regrets about the woman with whom I share my life. Zoe is just as amazing to me today as the day we met, if not more so. At the same time, I began to think about my former relationships and what might have happened if I had done what the woman in this story did. I won’t ever know. What I do know is this. from this day forward, I will remember to look at Zoe with the same love and intimacy that I did when we first met. She still makes me smile and laugh as nobody else can. The day we were married they played a song by Celine Dion as my song to her because she is my voice when I cannot speak, she is my eyes when I cannot see, she is my ears when I cannot hear, she gives me strength when I am weak and as we grow closer to our 1 year marriage anniversary and our 11 year together anniversary, she continues to be everything I could ever want or need in a wife. So sweetie, if you ever read this, know that I love you with all my heart and soul.
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