In the quiet of the morning

It is scary when you find yourself telling others exactly what you need to tell yourself. Makes you go hmm, ok God are you having her say this so I can tell myself what I need to hear. A friend of mine from the Whole Living Community was talking about not being productive because she had taken too much time for herself this past weekend and not gotten her normal weekend chores done. As I was writing to her, I found myself convicting myself especially when I realized it had been weeks since I had claimed the time to write in my own journal. Here this private space that is just for me to write my own meanderings about me. And then I remembered that one of my promises to myself had been to take time for me everyday. So when did I start agreeing that I was not worthy of paying myself with some personal time for me. Not Sharon the professor, the mother, the partner, the spiritual director, the sister, or any other role I play for people, but just me.
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Week 6 – Day 7 – Rewarding yourself, following the pulse

I love these field trip days. Today’s assignment was to find a place that you could go to get your creative juices flowing J and talk about why it might be right for you. Then we were to write a commitment about this place or a prayer about it and what it could mean in your life. How can the creative muse within me tap and choose me here.

Well this was so so so easy. I knew exactly where it was because I had been there a few weeks ago. It was the nursery. At least this is my space in the winter. Why? Because it is alive and meditational and quiet and so full of life and diversity. I still think about my first visit to the nursery and plan to go there every couple of weeks this winter and just sit and be. The music is so relaxing, but I found so many plants that spoke to me. It was as if I was having conversations with them. So my goal is to go every two weeks and find a different plant to have conversation with. It might not be as perfect a place in the spring, summer, and fall when it is crowded and overflowing, but for now it is the perfect space this winter. So this winter, I commit to coming and visiting with my plant companions every other week and then at least once a month the rest of the year. I think I need to surround myself with reminders of life, struggle, beauty, evolution, authenticity, and originality. Each plant has its own story and its own unique way of telling it. It is just about which one is ready to connect with me at that moment and with whom am I making that connection. But in the midst of the silence and the peace, I know that I will hear the muse of creativity whispering to me and I will have the words to write and the ideas to put on paper as I continue to create a space for spiritual evolution and transformation in all that I say and do.